ISRC On Journalism, Communication and Media Studies, 29-30 June 2018, Amman, Jordan: The International Trends In Journalism, Communication and Media Studies

ISRC2018 is a leading international conference dedicated to quality in Journalism, Communication and Media Studies. Presenting at the conference requires your abstract to pass a blind peer-review process. Your presentation will be confirmed upon payment of registration fees. 

Conference Theme: The International Trends in Journalism, Communication and Media Studies, 

You are kindly invited to approach this theme from different aspects, and you are welcome to submit other topics related to Journalism, Communication and Media Studies, 


 Abstracts submission deadline: April 1, 2018.  

 Abstract reviews results: within Ten days of submission 

 Full paper submission: April 10, 2018. 

 Full conference registration payment for all presenters: April 15 , 2018.   

 ISRConference dates: Friday 29 June and Saturday 30 June, 2018. 

Registration Fees

Oral Presentation (single author) $300

Oral Presentation (two authors) $500

Poster Presentation $250

Audience (without oral or poster presentation) $250

E- Commerce (E- Registration):

ISRConference requires online registration to the process of participation in its conferences. The E- registration includes:  

  • Online Registration that keeps track of what the user selects to register in from the website before proceeding to the “checkout”.
  • ISRConference Secure Server that helps provide protection against the loss or modification of personal information. Our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the most commonly used technology for secure online transactions. SSL encrypts (or codes) all data between the ISRC’s server and the customer’s computer. This makes it very difficult for third parties to decode any information exchanged such as credit card numbers.
  • ISRConference Online Payment Processing: ISRConference requires online payment for the users to attend its conferences. 

Submission to ISRC2018 will be organised into the following main thematic streams: 

Current issues and challenges in Advertising 

Advertising and Public Relations Management

Integrated Marketing Communications 

Public Policy for New Media Technologies 

Brand Strategy Media Strategy 

Research on Global Advertising 

Audience Analysis Globalization in Advertising 

Research on Brands in Entertainment 

Research on Advertising and Media 

Effects Attitude Measurement 

Stereotyping and Prejudice

Current issues and challenges in Journalism 

Journalism and Society 

Photojournalism Race and Racism in the News 

Public Affairs 

Ethical Issues in Journalism 

Journalism Writing 

International Reporting 

Investigative Reporting 

Radio News Reporting 

TV News Reporting 

Journalism and the Law 

International and Global Communication 

Journalism Research and Education 

Magazine Mass Communication 

History Media 

Audiences Media 


The Business of Media Media, 

Culture and Society 

Political Communication and Media Radio, 

Television, and Entertainment Studies 

Media and Social Media 

The Cultural Impact of the Media Research on Media Audiences and Reception 

Practices Contemporary Media Issues 

Comparative Media Systems 

Challenge on Different Types of Media 

Mass Communication 

Mass Communication, 

Society and Globalization Media, 

Climate Change and Environmental Studies

Media Education 

Research Media, 

Information and Communication Literacy 

Media and Entertainment 

Media and Sport 

Other Issues Related to Media Studies 

How to Submit 

 You need to register with the ISRConference online submission system. 

 Create your account. Use your email address as your user name. You will then need to create a password. 

 After creating your account, log in and submit your abstract of no more than 250 words. 

 Submit well before the submission deadline to receive the review process results early. 

 If your submission is made near the deadline, you will receive the results within two days. 

 If your abstract is accepted, you will be invited to make the payment and submit your full research paper. 

Ways to Present at ISRC2018 

Oral presentations are 15 minutes in length. 

Poster Presentation (120 minutes): this presentation gives the presenters an opportunity to share their research findings with a large audience of professionals directly. 

Scheduling Requests:

Due to the large number of participants, we cannot meet requests for specific times and days for presentations. Under exceptional circumstances, however, we may meet some requests.