The International Scientific Research Conferences, ISRConference

The International Scientific Research Conference (ISRC) is a leading prestigious scientific conference dedicated to promote quality in scientific research. ISRC is manged and organized by Rafale International for Education, Training and Scientific Research (RIETS). ISRC organises the international scientific research conferences on educational sciences, journalism, communication, media, Islamic finance and banking, law, business, engineering, social sciences and humanities. ISRC aims to promote quality in scientific research and disseminate knowledge and experience among researchers and professionals. ISRC aims to bring researchers and professionals together to share their best practices, examine challenges to their professional fields, and work closely for better cooperation.

The International Scientific Research Conferences (ISRC) provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals from various scientific and professional fields to share their theoretical knowledge, research findings, and practices with their colleagues, professional, scientific, and academic community.

ISRC follows a rigorous blind and peer-review process to uphold the quality and validity of submitted research works. ISRC has assigned two reviewers to review full research papers and abstracts. Rejection or acceptance of a research paper for presentation is based on the result of the blind review process.


The International Scientific Research Conference, ISRC Mission

ISRC mission is to promote quality in scientific practices and disseminate scientific solutions to the challenges and problems that face professionals, practitioners, institutions and communities through:

Identifying the challenges and problems that face institutions and professionals, sharing the best and innovative solutions for these challenges and problems, promoting the best practices within institutions, disseminating the outcomes of scientific research among professionals, and promoting creativity among researchers to produce innovative research.

ISRC strongly believes that these goals are best accomplished through direct cooperation between institutions and professionals.